Goodbye Christmas and welcome January

And just when you think that all the Christmas stuff is packed up and stored away  you spot one more little Santa-boy waving at you…

Christmas is gone - almost

I don`t think I can decide now how I want my One Little Word to play out for me every month for the rest of the year. Wish I could but I will be okay if I can come up with a plan for January…

One little word - January 2013

I might need to push this one up a little or January will be over.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Christmas and welcome January

  1. OnaPona says:

    are you planning to post all your pages with this one little word ?
    I chose the same word, so I am curious about your pages

  2. Melonie says:

    I can totally relate. It took me 2 days to pack up all of the Christmas only to open the front door and see the decoration I had left on there:) Loving your One Little Word!

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