Exploring family

Family is a weird thing for a single girl like me. I`m not easily exited about my own family roots but I find it fascinating to explore my sister-in-law`s family. And yes – I am open to the fact that maybe I am weird – not the family stuff:)

I am weird but my sister in law is even weirder. Making her tell her story is like pulling her teeth. You need all the time in the world. Her brother just sent us a cd with scanned photos and I do hope we can use some of those to trigger her memory or force her to seek information.

This is one of the photos I love…


My sister-in-law, Kjellaug, on her father Ansgar`s arm. This is taken on the baptism of her sister Heidi. The baby is held by Ansgar`s mother Hjørdis.

The woman dressed in black with glasses is Hjørdis`s mother Eline. We had no idea there was a woman called Eline in my sister in law`s family. Funny thing because our princess, Elin Marie, Kjellaug`s grandchild, is named after me.  Now we can say that she honored both sides of the family:)

Elin Marie and Kjellaug - Torbudalen 2012

Photos can tell the strangest stories – if you can get someone to talk:)

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1 Response to Exploring family

  1. alexa says:

    I love both these photos … the first one for those wonderful faces, and the second for the great composition and colours, and how it really captures something of that communication …

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