New pc and a new printer

  • Back in March my computer crashed and burned.
  • Sad about the money I had to spend – happy that nothing was lost.
  • Challenged with learning to deal with Windows 8 and Elements 11.
  • Frustrated about the fact that my printer didn`t work with my new computer.
  • Invested in a new printer but before I got to use it my new computer crashed.  thankfully it did not die completely but I had to reinstall everything.
  • Let`s say I have been computer challenged at the beginning of the year:)

I am slowly finding my way in Elements 11 but I still having problems remembering how to edit photos. I am slow like that. If I have to edit I just go the easy way and hit auto in my Flickr account…


This evening I tried the printer for the first time. The photo was printing okay and thankfully so did the cardstock…



I can relax and thankful because I signed up for the layout a day challenge in May before I knew I had the resources I needed to make that work.

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2 Responses to New pc and a new printer

  1. Karen Moore says:

    I’m lovin your posts this week! Sorry to herar about your computer dying but sounds like you’re learning a bunch!!!

  2. Computer glitches are just the worst! But glad to hear and see you are overcoming them. That was a leap of faith about the challenge!

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