A Library of Memories – 2013

Back in 2009 it was called A Library of Memories – LOM. In 2013 we call it Finding Photo Freedom. This year`s class at BPC just ended and once again I have enjoyed Stacy Julian`s inspiration and motivation. I set up my system the first time I took this class in 2009 but this seems to be a never-ending thing and the one thing I never completed was setting up a workable digital workflow. To my defence – this is not easy when there are more than one camera in work:) I also had to decide what software to use.

I started with in 2009. Once I had my photos uploaded my computer slowed down and pretty fast everything was jammed up. I do not blame Adobe for that. I had no idea what I was doing and I probably did something wrong.

In 2011 I moved on to Lightroom. That was the thing to do and I was successful adding 2005 – 2007 into the program. Rating and adding keywords worked like a dream. Then my hard drive filled up and I had to move my photos to another drive – and once again everything jammed up. No disaster but I lost my mojo and left the project behind.

I signed up for Stacy`s 2013 session and started scanning old photos in November 2012. That was done before the class started in February. Now I had all my photos sorted in year and month on an external hard drive and I had done a lot of purging. I would have loved to know the number of photos I started with but I don`t. All I know is that I deleted a lot:)

When the class started in February I was ready to move forward with 2008 in Lightroom and everything worked just fine. Almost at the end of 2008 and then – silence. It was a dark moment and I have to admit there were tears..

Hallingdalen 2012

New computer, Windows 8 and Elements 11. It is so challenging to start over after a two weeks break. I was holding my breath as I opened Elements and hit upload…and lucky me – everything I already had done with the keywords and rating followed the photos into Elements. There was light in the tunnel…


There were moments when the new computer crashed – but once again I was lucky and all my work was saved. This time I had 50000 photos uploaded to Elements – about 3000 was rated and tagged. I have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at the time so I sat down and focused on this…

Hallingdalen 2012

…no 15 minutes a day for me. I tagged and deleted – tagged and deleted…


…until I reached the finish line April 17 2013. Just in time for the last day of class:)


Now I had 25000 photos rated and tagged. Photos from 2005 to 2011 uploaded to Flickr for sharing with other Family members. Flickr make the photos available for viewing wherever we are. And this way they don`t mess up my system:)

One more thing to do before I am done – 2500 scanned photo files…


They need to be tagged and most of them need editing but all this is for another rainy day. Maybe in 2014:)

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1 Response to A Library of Memories – 2013

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I like your forest photos – the mist just adds such a feeling to the photo. I admire your determination at getting all your photos scanned & tagged.

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