Next LOAD 513 – a layout a day

It has been one year since I last participated in this challenge and I have missed it very much. Always fun and inspiring to do the LOAD challenge. This was a last-minute decision but I am ready – I think.

Two things that needs to be fixed – my new printer did not do a very good job scanning my pages so I have to finish my pages before the daylight is gone to be able to get a good enough Picture of my page to upload to Flickr. Or I could search for a driver for my old scanner and hope it will work with Windows 8.

I also need to find my favorite fonts for my digital pages. Always taken by surprise when I have a new computer or doing an update and all my fonts are gone. I don`t think I can play with Ariel for a month:)

The house is clean and the desk is clean. After cleaning my desk I added a little mess just to be sure I would be inspired. I know – I am weird like that:)

Everyday Adventure

A little everyday adventure with grandma. She got a new challenge now – the fourth grandchild will be further away. A four hours drive can make a lot of difference…

You can still sign up for Lain Ehmann`s LOAD challenge:


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