Love this story

Wish I could say that I had one of those to share today – just to show gratitude towards Cathy Zielske`s love for sharing. She shared this amazing template for free on her blog today and I say: Run and download – HERE

I just had to make today`s layout with her template…

Love this story - Elin Marie

…and one more time…

Love this story - Tor Magnus

…and since there are three kids I wanted every one of them to be special today…

Love this story - Kristian

Did I have a story I loved to accompany these photos? No – not at all. Their father sent the photos with his phone earlier today. I know who, when and where. I make the layout and save the PSD file and if I come up with something more clever to say I go back and change the journaling. Why make it so difficult when it doesn`t have to be?

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1 Response to Love this story

  1. alexa says:

    All three are lovely! Such a great template, beautifully exploited. I love your idea of keeping the photos until you feel ready for the journaling or story!

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