Money in the “bank”

He is so cute. Just home from the hospital after taking x-rays of the coin he has in his stomach. So proud of the prize he got for being a good boy in the hospital…

Tor Mangus

Why he had a coin in the stomach? Well I guess this is one of those things that just happens 🙂

Money in the bank

This was last year and in the box I opened last weekend I found the coin and the name tag from the hospital. I just had to add the coin to the layout and since I had photos I decided to make this a hybrid Project. I printed the text-page and lined up the photos on the other page…


There it is – with journaling, photos, coin and name tag. And yes – he is cute:)

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1 Response to Money in the “bank”

  1. alexa says:

    Oh my goodness, he is going to be fascinated with that coin and this story when he is old enough! Brilliant way to record – I love your big photo block and the journaling alongside. And the clever circle on the left echoing the coin shape. Lovely page :).

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