Pajama Party at Big Picture Classes

Last night there was a pajama party at Big Picture Classes. For me that ment waking up at 3am so I had to wait for the recorded video to be available for viewing this evening. That`s okay – I don`t ware pajamas anyway:)

Ready to party

One of the projects involved a paper tube, pretty paper and three pages of creative prompts. I had no paper tube but I loved the creative prompts so I decided to substitute the tube with an old wooden box. I painted the box. Added some paper and did som stamping…

Flower box

Simple. I have no patience with flowers and cuteness…


Three pages filles with creative starters. Some of them was not for me but I really like most of them…


Cut them apart and rolled them up so I can surprise myself 🙂


As a thank you for doing the survey after the party we received a 15% discount on several classes. Me like that:)

Pajama PartySo exited to pull the first creative starter out of the box…

Inspiration - 1Make a layout using only scraps of paper that are less than 5″ x 5″.

I can do that…

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