Camp Scrap 2013

I`m having a hard time getting started this week but today I was inspired by May Flaum`s words – “You don`t always have to add a lot of words.” Perfect. I have had this cute photo in front of me for weeks. The only story here is that the little one loved to be driven around in the stroller and grandma was the only one who could be persuaded to take him…

Captured happy

I even added a stamp in honor of May:)

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3 Responses to Camp Scrap 2013

  1. Really nice page & design! Sometimes the little stories like that are fun to capture. 🙂

  2. alexa says:

    Super design and you can always rely on a grandma … :).

  3. Mary-Lou says:

    Ejoying your posts. Your creativity really inspires some of my own pages & stories.

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