Weeds in the backyard

WeedsAs I enjoyed my coffee break in the backyard at work today I saw these cute yellow flowers. Probably weeds but since they will be removed tomorrow and I am focused on a photography challenge they made it into my camera roll:)

Today`s Project…

#BPCphotographyprocjectA chance to prove that my hair color changes…not so sure I can be happy with my greys:)

This everyday challenge will be difficult to do because I will be working everyday – seven days a week. It is only so much to photograph in my daily routine. At least it will be hard to find a different angle. But I will do my best…

Yesterday`s collage is perfect for my 31 Things – album. Still have a few pages left to finish and this photo was a perfect illustration for my story about shoes. Looking at the photo you will know that I don`t need a lot of space for journaling:)

31Things - Shoes

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1 Response to Weeds in the backyard

  1. alexa says:

    The grey and yellow together is a great combination! The flowers are what we call Welsh Poppies over here – not a weed as such but they will seed and you will have more next year.

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