Apartment Therapy`s Style Cure

The things you do when inspired 🙂

Simplify 101 has inspired me to deep clean and I am all done. Following a link from the Simplify 101`s forum I ended up :  here – The Apartment Therapy Blog. I have a hard time avoid challenges so I signed up for the daily challenge – to cure a room with style 🙂 Yeah – that`s my thing – not.

For those who know me – I really don`t care much where I spend my time or how it looks as long as I have what I need. But, there is one thing – my bedroom floor. I was looking through photos taken inside but I have deleted every photo showing the floor. It has a dirty pink look with some greenish tint. It is awful.

I was pretty sure the original floor from 1947 was underneath but you never know with old houses. I was brave last night and made a cut in a corner…

Apartmen Therapy`style cureSo – making a small cut was not possible so I made a big cut. Then I googled how to remove old vinyl. Jumping in with both feet – that`s me. Oh the horror stories I read online about all the work and the surprises I could find. Let`s just say there were moments – unhappy moments.

That hairy thing was hardboards nailed to the floor and glued at the seams. After one-third of the room done I spent the night sleeping like an angel – on a madras on the floor…

After lots of coffee and filled with new knowledge I was much more confident when I went back to work this morning…

3Now I knew that I could make a smaller cut with the paper knife and pull the vinyl off with one swish…

4…make a roll and bag it up. Carefull not to make the bag to heavy. It has to be easy to remove or else it will keep living in my home:)

5It wasn`t easy. The challenge was to remove that first nail from hardboard and the rest was piece of cake. At least I can say that now that I am done.

6This floor was laid there to stay because it was a lot of nails. In my family we use to joke about our father`s love for nails – he used a lot of them when he built his home. The man who laid this floor must have been trained for the job the same year.

8And there it is – an orignal floor of spruce from 1947…

9This was the easy part – now comes the challenge 🙂

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1 Response to Apartment Therapy`s Style Cure

  1. alexa says:

    How courageous of you and how wonderful to be rewarded with this very beautiful flooring underneath!

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