What can a handyman do without the needed tools? Well…you can ask for help 🙂 And lucky me I knew just the right man to ask for the right size…

2Hard to disassemble this bed without the right tools and the tool has been missing for about six years or so…

1I bought this bed when I got my own home back in 1985. I fell in love and bought the bed without money. I called my dad to borrow the money for the first and last time ever. It was ridiculously expensive and I regretted the purchase for many years. Yet it is hard to let go. Maybe it can be painted?

You never know what you find in hiding…

3No challenge to take things appart – it might be more challenging to put it back together 🙂

4Do you remember my leaking roof ?

9This was the room that was flooding for a long time…

5The rain was streaming down the wall and through the ceiling…

6Maintenance manager was here in May and he was happy for now everything had dried out. Then, I could always paint. Good answer.

I knew there were water behind the built in corner because this was a rental room back in the days when we were a low maintenance People…

7Good to know that the “Box” was removable. A sink is always handy:)

Not so sure if I will be brave enough to remove the vinyl in this room. You never know how much damage the wanter leak did to the floor underneath. Then again – the evening is sunny for hours still…

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1 Response to Tools

  1. alexa says:

    Oh my goodness, you mean there was a sink in the corner all the time and it was hidden? You have certainly embraced the world of DIY (Do It Yourself) with a vengeance!

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