Working Sunday

For the first time this summer I had to drag out the hose to cool down the fans at work to avoid that the coolers and the freezers fails. A little primitive but it get the job done…

9I didn`t get to finish the job before I went to bed last night. Not so much fun to wake up this morning…

1I guess the man in charge was right about everything had dried up after the roof leak. There is some discoloration along the edge but I think it can be removed  away after a lot of cleaning.

I removed all the hard board before I went in to work…

2Left these nasty old nails to deal with after work. My knees were hurting and there were so many of them 🙂

4On my way to work I got all the bags with vinyl and the mountain of hard boards out of the house. Good girl…

5This was my last Sunday working in  2013. Next Sunday I will be on my back on the beach and I can`t wait.

I was worried about what was under the vinyl in this room because of the water damage and of course there was a little surprise…

3I always wondered why this door was so much smaller than the rest of the doors and I should have known. The door wasn`t there from the beginning. This was a separate home for some poor soul living in one room and sharing the toilet in the hall with the rest of the house. When the time changed and they upgraded from wooden floors to vinyl they added one bedroom to the main apartment.

No big problem – I think…

6This floor was more worn and damaged than the first one  but what ever choise I make the floors have to be sanded so I guess everything is okay.

In extreme sport there is a risk of injury…


That was two rooms – but there is more. Many more…


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1 Response to Working Sunday

  1. alexa says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks like suchna big job … Roll on your time on the beach!

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