So much to do and so little time

I suddenly realist that I had two shopping bags with cloths I bought early in June. Still in the bags and my suitcase have to be ready by Thursday. And my brother`s lovely mother in law gave me a bag of cloths she couldn`t use anymore. She is soon to be 80 and I can use every piece in the bag. Even the bikini:) Thank you Karen.


Most of the stuff from the shopping bags were curled up and had to be washed. The cloths from last summer still had the smell of last summer`s sun protection…

4I remembered just in time to clean and get them dry before packing.

Since the weather was nice last night I took the bed outside to get it cleaned up. Just in case I decide to have it painted when I come home from my trip. Still one week of vacation left when I come home…

1Painting or not – the bed needed to be cleaned. Good thing no one slept in it for almost 8 years:)

Today`s challenge at Apartment Therapy was to pick the room we want to style and to spend some time in there and imagine what we wished to accomplish…

2Now – that is what I call a challenge:)

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2 Responses to So much to do and so little time

  1. alexa says:

    Hoping you get everything sorted in time! I love your green patterned flooring.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Hope you have a great vacation trip. Looking forward to seeing how chosen space shapes up over the coming months. I particularly like the wood floors

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