3Today`s Challenge – set up an outbox. That is the one thing I have learned and use. Love out boxes. My bedroom didn`t need much of an outbox but I am letting go of the box and the rug. The rug has survived too many trips in the outbox.

Another place, another time, same rug – 1985…

2From outbox to inbox. I am happy to tell that my shitty iPhone is now history. I am so impressed with Apple`s customer service. I called Apple service last Monday and I mailed my phone Wednesday evening. Bud – Molde – Oslo – Sweden – Germany – Nederland. Friday morning I got a mail saying a new phone was on it`s way back to me. Earlier today my phone was home…


Thank you Apple and Emma for the service…

So – my bedroom…

6Not finished and I do not see an end for this project for some time. So I put my bed back together so I can sleep in there…

4In spite I turned the bed to the other wall. Just because it was my mother`s decision where to put the bed in the first place. And while my mother decided where the bed should be – my brother took care of the wall decor. I just forgot to take them to the outbox:)

You might ask where was I when this was decided? Well to be honest…I didn`t care much what and where:)

If I could pick any bedroom I would have this one…


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1 Response to Outbox

  1. alexa says:

    You are really making headway in your renovations. I went and had a look at the Abi Garvey site (I think you said you had done a class of hers, about cleaning?) and signed up for the routines one starting on Thursday. I do love that last photo but I think your own room already has something of the same atmosphere.

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