Color – and then Viva Bahia

Instead of making progress in my clean-up after packing I have tried to learn about colors. Color is my weak spot. So – what did I learn? White is not white and all whites can`t live together. I had no idea…

1Searching my Pinterest Board I can say that it has to be some kind of white and grey. Adding a dash of yellow…

3…I think.

And now it is vacation for three weeks. One year ago we was preparing for a wedding and we spent our vacation with the newlyweds and the little ones…

7911772848_263d772dc8A little sad to leave them behind. No fun in the bed this summer:)

7911811390_c27b6e1db5Trying to find my packing list to make sure nothing is forgotten but the list is nowhere to be found. I better remember the visa card…


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1 Response to Color – and then Viva Bahia

  1. alexa says:

    Hoping you have a splendid time and enjoy the holiday. I love white, grey and yellow together – one of my favourite combinations. Mind you I like a soft white and grey with just about any other colour!

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