Last day in August 2013

Summer is over…

2What else to do on this grey morning, my last day of summer vacation…

3I thought those would be the challenge but no resistance there 🙂

Moving forward. Now in sunshine…

4Always a good thing to start with the easy part. I knew there would be trouble at the end…

5…but not where I thought it would be trouble. I was sure the cabinets were standing on the original wooden floor but I was wrong. This cabinet is on top of the vinyl…

6I should have known there had been alternations in this kitchen from 1947. In the 70s there were a lot of new equipment for the kitchen. New shapes and new sizes, and the kitchen had to be adapted. Not so much I can do with this right now. Although I would happily date this kitchen with a crowbar:)

This is it…

7Ready for my handyman. I just hope the handyman is ready:)

The hall is filled with vinyl and large building boards that need to be trashed but I rather wait for the rain to stop. Not a nice job to do in the rain.

Time for a shower and dinner…

8…and yes there are stains from a ten-year old water leak. Not pretty but dried up so it shouldn`t be a problem.

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1 Response to Last day in August 2013

  1. alexa says:

    You have made a splendid job of this! I am seriously impressed …

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