Hello September

It will take a few days to be back in routine but it is good to be back in routine after three weeks of vacation.

Still undecided about following along Ali Edward`s Week in the life next week and I forgot about Shimelle`s anual September Challenge – Learn Something New. Maybe it is time to get back into scrapbooking?

The main reason I can`t decide about Week in the life is that next week in all work no fun. In my past albums I have made a point of collecting everyday stories from my extended family. With me working all week that could be a Challenge. Another reason is this…

4It is almost time for a new baby arriving to the family. The date is September 26 but he is having a hard time waiting and we almost had him knocking on the door last Monday. He is ready and so is his mom.

At six months he is a good-looking boy just like his dad…

3This needs to be documented in my album for 2013 but it makes it challenging to decide what week to start. Of course I could make room in the album for this event to be documented when ever it happens. I have done that earlier. I have some planning to do:)

Me? I have seen a miracle…

2Amazing stuff…

1I had some troublesome glue and a door frame with layers of Paint crackling up. So fun to see the paint curling up and fall down. Almost makes me want to rub it all over this place…

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1 Response to Hello September

  1. alexa says:

    That is an amazing photo from inside the womb … And to think that one day he will get to see it for himself! I am undecided about Week In The Life too …

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