Week in the life 2013 – Monday

September 9 2013 and election day in Norway…and almost a touch of summer weather…

1At least outside. Not so much on the inside…

2I feel so much better today because the owner of the building finally confirmed that they would pay for a new door. Who needs floors?

I have been a little sad this weekend because my handyman said that sanding the floors would be expensive and they wouldn`t look good. So – new floors it is.

Dinner was fast and easy today. Although I can do much faster and a lot easier…

3Impressed myself and dealt with the dishes…

4Three days of dishes. Not so sure if this photo belongs in this project because dishes is not dealt with very regularly:)

That fact is something I should keep in mind when I plan for my new kitchen. Maybe it is time for me to enjoy a dishwasher?

5This must be my lucky day because in addition to a new door I was also told to buy a new kitchen. Now I regret ever wanting one because wanting is easy – planning is not so fun:) That`s almost as bad as chosing color for the paint.

I do have a time estimated for the work to be done but you never know when dealing with IKEA, electricians and plumbers. It might be a good thing to have a second kitchen in the house…

6I can adapt. Just like I will have to adapt to living with the result of today`s election…

With half of the votes counted it is no reason to stay awake and hope for a change…


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3 Responses to Week in the life 2013 – Monday

  1. dawn says:

    Lots of crazy and fun in your day today. Good luck with the kitchen and hope the votes changed.

  2. Krista says:

    great collection of pics!

  3. cristina says:

    funny selection! hope you’ll enjoy your kitchen in a near future

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