Week in the life – Wednesday

The best company, the best meal and the best beer don`t make the morning after any better…

8 The little drive down the road is not so little when you have to walk the morning after…


… during my 45 min long walk the weather was improving a lot…

6…and I was just in time for a coffee before today`s meeting started…

7… hours of information and planning for 2014.

After my walk this morning I didn`t think I would be able to walk back home but I did walk all the way. It was a joy to come home and see that an angel had been working while I was away…

3Dinner was made easy today and eaten while seeking inspiration at Pinterest. Even if I know that my kitchen will be very ordinary and not at all stylish…

2I am waiting for the house owner to confirm if my windows will be replaced anytime soon. Answers are hard to get and while waiting I have to accept this happening…

4There are good things happening too – a new front door is the making…


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2 Responses to Week in the life – Wednesday

  1. Nirupama says:

    Lovely pictures! Hope that more good things come your way 😉

  2. alexa says:

    I love your fourth photo in particular. Hoping the renovations continue apace.

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