Week in the life 2013 – Thursday

After an ordinary day at work…

9A healthier choice of dinner…

8In the mail…

11The colors for 2014…


Shocked to see that the colors matches the plates on my wall. The plates given to my parents as a wedding gift in 1953…


The Kitchen has to be packed away and the Easter is first to go…




Second up is Christmas…


Christmas is too close…and I am realising that there is no way a new kitchen will hold the same amount of goods…


Just thinking about how close Christmas is makes me want to pause…


…and craving ice cream…


I had no plans for signing up for Stacy Julian`s new class at BPC but I suddenly felt an urge for scrapbooking.

Left-brained or right-brained?


I had no idea I was right-brained 🙂

Ready for Stacy`s first challenge…


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4 Responses to Week in the life 2013 – Thursday

  1. cinback says:

    It looks like scrapbooking is just what you needed at the end of your day!

  2. myedln says:

    Lovely photos! I wish I can take better pictures like you do 🙂 I’m so jealous about the class! I wish I have the time to do it 🙂

  3. alexa says:

    Your parents’ china is just beautiful … 50s colours are very fashionable here. Good luck with the class and it sounds fascinating!

  4. sharon71 says:

    Great photos, so crisp and clear. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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