The Art + Science of Scrapbooking

I`m not so sure I can divide my brain in a right and a left side but I take the challenge issued. The first challenge was to find a scrapbook paper that inspired a story about a place. Not so easy when my collection is down to minimum but I did find the inspiration…

1The colors from my childhood`s kitchen. Wish I knew what side of the brain we used when we picked those colors but I do remember pushing my parents into making this decision:)

My parents in 1986…


Pretty sure this was a very cold January evening and my father just turned 60. Celebrating with his favorite food – straight from the sea, fresh cod with all the trimmings. (Heads, liver and eggs.) Just a warm up before the big celebration.

Nearly 20 years later, it was a shocking experience to come into this house and find the same colors…

Deep cleaning

To tear down this wall paper was a pleasure. A big moment. A moment that deserved a page in my album…

Colors from my childhood

The paper made me think of my childhood kitchen and it inspired me to make this page but there is another story I want to document…

A story about my parents disagreement on the choice of colors for the kitchen – twenty years earlier. It is the only time I remember my father raising his voice and I remember me and my brother going into hiding.

This is a story that has often been retold and I’m a little surprised that I do not remember the details. I have to ask my brother. This confirms the importance of documenting.

One more thing…it makes me rethink how to pick colors for my kitchen:)

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1 Response to The Art + Science of Scrapbooking

  1. alexa says:

    I just love your page here! That lettering is so effective with the papers and your grid design is visually so attractive. Funny how we can make something so lovely recording things we don’t like!

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