The cold water was back after a few hours. It took a plumber and two days before I could shower in warm water. You don`t know have much you love a warm shower in the morning before you have to live without.



2Far in the back I can spy a new kitchen from Ikea…

3At the beginning of the week I could see a lot of progress every day. Now there is a lot of work but not so much to see:)

One bedroom ready for wallpaper and paint and the sink is gone…


My office space is  shaping up and the old cabinets are gone…


Even now my entrance is looking much better than before…

5But – still a lot of work to be done…


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1 Response to Renovating

  1. alexa says:

    This is not just renovating, it’s a major remodelling job! Hoping you can see the future shape of it and are pleased …

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