Welcome December

This one  had no idea that his mother had other plans for the night…


These two was looking forward to spending their first night out since becoming parents…


She was a little worried about babysitting the little one for the first time…


He was a little sad to be spending the night alone…


They all had a good time and everyone survived the night…


…but mum`s arms are the best. Of course:)

We were worried about driving back home…


….but we came home safely and could enjoy the “Lutefisk”…


There are no signs of December in this house. But I can see signs of a new kitchen…


…and the livingroom is almost done…


I can see the beginning of the new floor in the entrance…


So…maybe there will be Christmas after all.

At least there are December outside my window…


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2 Responses to Welcome December

  1. Katie Scott says:

    What an adorable baby! Good luck w/ the kitchen re-do! Good to “see” you!

  2. alexa says:

    You and he look so snug together! And how kind of you to give the young parents a break … Not envying you that snow though …

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