Let`s talk about…

…unfinished projects. Let`s talk about December Daily 2012 and my album…

Nothing wrong with the planning…


…and I did finish my pages including December 22…


I also printed several pages from the Christmas celebration before January hit in full force.

I am on vacation time this week. The plan was to move back downstairs but I am still stuck in the attic with not so much to do so I thought I could get back in to things. At least I managed to find the December 2012 stuff…


The weather outside is perfect for this…


I might be able to finish the 2012 album before I plan how to do the 2013 album:)


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2 Responses to Let`s talk about…

  1. alexa says:

    I admire your ability to go back and finish it. If I have left something unfinished for more than a week, I know I never will …

  2. Rosie N. says:

    Good for you the finish off 2012, I know I have unfinished projects that are yeaaaaarrrrsss old. Love your photos!

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