December 5 2013

My December Daily 2012 – waiting for the album to arrive…


I am ready to finish my next project – A week in the life 2013…




My handyman despaired over leftover drawers in the kitchen…


You know – I could hear him thinking : women and planning. For once I was in control and could inform the boy about the fact that the are drawers inside the drawers. Okay – there was some luck involved and about ten minutes of kicking myself for the waist of Money 🙂

I might have to consider if it is time to begin the cleaning. The house is covered in dust from the plastering…


Or I could start grabbing one of those boxes with books, also covered in same dust. My fault since I made a late decision about doing the livingroom in the last-minute. Okay – more like three weeks after they started plastering the walls in the kitchen…


No way am I ready to do anything with the stuff from my craft room. That is a project for 2014.

Growing up with the tunes of “Free Nelson Mandela” I honor the memory of the freedom fighter from South Africa…


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1 Response to December 5 2013

  1. alexa says:

    Oh my goodness, I so admire your ability to cope,with all of this! And yes, he was a great man …

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