How to celebrate Christmas Eve alone

First of all – spending the first half of the day at work is a good thing.

Second – a smart phone used by the rest of the family makes the day perfect.

Third – don`t skip the meals.

The first pic came while I was still at work.

They were at sleep 11 pm and awake again at 4.30 – so ready to find Santa`s gift in their shoe. At 11 am they are ready for the drive to their grandma Aud – almost awake…


…but not for long…


I very much doubt that she was asleep. She is not known to give in to urges like that. The boys on the other hand…


Thankfully – Santa came early at grandma Aud`s house…


Me – I had a snack after work…


…before preparing Christmas Day dinner (and every day for the rest of the Christmas Holiday)…


Next is the most important part of the evening – desert…


…and while watching the porridge boiling I sat back and enjoyed the last episode of “Jul i Svingen”…


A little taste before making desert of the rest…


At grandma Aud`s house someone was waiting for the fun to start…

11543674604_99fda687e6Oh – the waiting is so hard and with five little ones in the house I bet there were a bit of chaos  when the fun began 🙂

In Trondheim these two had his parents as guests for Christmas…


They celebrated their first Christmas as parents…


He is just as happy without the suit…


So am I…


It is Christmas Eve and we are celebrating more than one birthday. My Santa is 60 years old this Christmas. He was a gift to my father from his mother in law back in 1953…

11543745386_22cc827799…and he has been a part of our Christmas ever since.

It is time for desert and a Christmas Movie…


Okay – I was too tired to finish the Movie and I couldn`t eat more than one portion dessert – and I can eat six.

I had an early night in my new bedroom. Back in my own bed after two month of camping. Did I sleep well? Not really. It was weird to be back in the noise from the machines downstairs.

In Trondheim they played with their presents…


Don`t ask 🙂

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One Response to How to celebrate Christmas Eve alone

  1. alexa says:

    Just popping in to wish you lots of good things and to hope you have plenty of happy and relaxed moments today :).

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