Welcome 2014

I don`t think everyone was in bed when I woke up this morning 🙂

Christmas out – January in…


For breakfast I had the rest of the desert from last night…


…and no – I did not like to receive Cathy Zielske`s reminder email about her Move More – Eat Well Jumpstart class at BPC in that exact moment.

Before moving the Christmas stash into storage I needed to clean after the renovating. My sister in Law is insisting that I have to paint the inside of the doors…


I am okay with the cleaning part. Painting – not so much.

But she is four years older and a lot wiser so I tend to do what I`m told 🙂


Always a lot of mess left when everything is gone…


I`m not sure why I have an empty box left after finishing. Maybe the Santa`s got slimmer during Christmas…


Since I already had the paint out I did a few more…


Making my sister in law proud of me January 1 have to pay of later in the year. Don`t you think?

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1 Response to Welcome 2014

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    It looks like your sister in law was right – the painted inside doors do look nice. 😉

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