I don`t sleep well

I don`t sleep so well after moving back downstairs. Something don`t feel right.


Before deciding on this room I decided to move the bed into a corner. It has been ten years since I slept in a corner 🙂

Going to bed last night all I could hear a voice from my youth – about 35 years ago,..

You babysitter? You babysitter! I can not sleep!


The shrewd doll Josefine wondered about phenomena in everyday life – in the late evening. It has been driving me nuts all day because  – I could hear her voice and I knew how she looked but that was all I remembered. Of course YouTube is the answer – http://youtu.be/Z5O1rGyZoak

The last thing I remember from last night was:  You babysitter? You babysitter! I can not sleep!

The first thing on my mind waking up 20 minutes before I should have been at work was the same words – but I sure did sleep well 🙂


Today`s assignment at the January Cure is to take 10 and sit quite in a room to get a fresh perspective. To envision how the room was before you moved in and how you want it to be now. Should be doable in my empty home 🙂

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