January Cure – Meals and flowers

My kitchen is new and clean so I got off easy this weekend and my house plant survived yesterday’s rescue operation…


I was up and hopping early this morning because I had one task I had to do before I changed my mind. Moving this monster piece back into my craft room…


I don`t think I will see one more of these before next January…


I did have a dream of new furniture in a  new room but sometimes you have to use what you have and be happy with that…

11890133983_6ec086a12cJust like it was before the renovation. A few things did not go as planned during the renovation – the door was set to go into the room…


…and with the added walls, ceiling and floor – the room shrunk.

I am not going upstairs one more time this weekend even if there is stuff left to move downstairs…


My knees are killing me. Although a little sunshine helped a lot as I ruled the stairs…


A beautiful day in Bud…


The first snow since early December. Not that I missed it much and it can stop now…


Enough is enough…


I missed spending time in my craft room. Still a lot to do before I can practice any Scrapbooking but my first project don`t require much so I will start there and wait for the inspiration to hit before I organize in here…


Maybe the living room will be first in line 🙂


I was a good girl today. Flowers…


…and a meal planned…


Since my knees was hurting I made my dinner before I had to sit down…


Because – now I can`t get back up again.

Okay – I am craving ice cream so I might get back up again before the store close the doors 🙂

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1 Response to January Cure – Meals and flowers

  1. alexa says:

    Your last line made me both wince and smile! Those photos show a beautifully tidy and organised home :).

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