December Daily 2013 – album

In November I had no plans for doing December Daily at all but after six years this has become a tradition and in December I was doing it once again. At least I was blogging every day.

So – album or not? Of course I have to document his first Christmas…


I decided to use Becky Higgins mini album and ordered the prints…


I was sure I was doing a fine job editing and counting but I don`t have enough prints and a lot of them are too dark so I have to print and reprint myself…


…if I can find some photo paper in this mess:)

I bought some digital work from Ali Edwards so I could use those 3×4 slots…


They are perfect for those not so perfect phone prints.

No great plan for the design yet but the leftovers from earlier years will have to do…


If I could get started I could finish this album this weekend…I think…

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1 Response to December Daily 2013 – album

  1. alexa says:

    How disappointing that the prints weren’t right! You have the foundation for a lovely album …

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