December Daily 2013 – the finished album

No Christmas without visiting Santa at Eriklia with grandma…

12009829674_061195e0fd…and the pig and the cat and the goat…


But this was one of the few things traditional about this Christmas.

I read somewhere that this album had slots for 80 6×4 photos and 80 3×4 photos and I had this in mind when I ordered prints but I never counted.


I started at page one and added photos, a few words and some old stickers…


At the end I had six slots left wich I filled with some leftovers from Christmas Eve…


The last page made room for the one and only photo I had from New Years Eve…


All done in a few hours. It may take some more time to clean up the mess…


Next up – I need an “All about album” for our new family member who is up for baptism next weekend…


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1 Response to December Daily 2013 – the finished album

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    What a beautiful keepsake for this little man. You always do such nice work with your albums.

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