The first page in a new album and a baptism

It is time for a new album for a new baby – baby Anton Torvald…


He was called Anton long before he was born – even long before we could start the countdown nine months earlier…

Waiting for a new baby

With both his parents having a great-grandfather called Anton Torvald the name was in place long before they were married.

Last Sunday we could see the baby being baptized in our church. The same church his dad was baptized. The same church – the same dress…


…and he was very cool about all the fuzz:)

So blessed – friends and family stood up and witnessed his big moment in church…

12289583915_9e94032c4d…and blessed with caring uncles, aunts and cousins…

12290167373_db73d1376bThe baby? He is mostly busy sleeping and eating…

12289996694_0d6f92eb4eIf he can avoid his mother`s workouts…

12289999634_2d2c7807caThis is not fun at all 🙂


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1 Response to The first page in a new album and a baptism

  1. alexa says:

    Ahhhh! How special to be part of a living and large family – and to be keeping up traditions.

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