Before your story

I signed up for Jennifer Wilson`s class Before your story at Big Picture Classes. Not that I am in the target group for this class since I don`t have any children of my own and therefore don`t have any before story to tell 🙂 I signed up anyway because I still have stories I want to tell and photos to preserve for the future. Now I need to decide what stories to tell and what period of time to focus on.

I could document me and my brother…

8660414484_b8bea34a0cNot so many stories to tell but this could be a good home for the few photos we have since we are using a photo-pocket album…

The old photos are scanned and in saved all over the place so I could gather the originals in one album mixed with a few facts and feelings…


Or I could walk lightly through my own childhood and move on to the next generation…


Of course – I can`t voice their memories but I have my own and my memories may trigger their own memories…


So – how was life before the four of them was born…


Hard to remember what life was like before they were born. They seem to take over our life so I do understand Jennifer`s need to document her life before she became a mother. Everyone should do that because we do forget the details.

She is looking for her distant relatives…

12799124063_d6fe715371…still she is unwilling to tell her own story. I don`t think we can trust Facebook to tell us the truth about the facts and the feelings of our lives.

And I have a page for the 26th day of Layout a day…


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1 Response to Before your story

  1. Michele says:

    That is a wonderful collection, Elin! Love to see my connections to Norge. 🙂

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