The first day in class

The first day in a new class is always exiting and “Before Your story” is no different. I almost want to make the album all about me.

Telling the story about ones grandparents can be a challenge even for me who grew up with two of them in the same house…


Hard to believe that this photo was taken by a professional photographer:)

Even with a black and white photo you can see how I got my “blond look”…


My story started here – in 1961…

Lyngstad 1963Photo from 1963.

My grandparents moved in with us and the old house was demolished. This photo was published on Facebook back in November and I love the memories it triggers. Things long forgotten.

I may have to take Jennifer`s advice about staying focused. It is so easy to take on more than you can handle.

Layout a day – day 27 and one more day to go…

12818014805_d665b2b5bbOne more sleep before the family`s big day – the baptism.

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