Layout a day – day 28

The best thing about doing the LOAD Challenge in February is the neat number of days in the month -28:) Counting my pages to 40. Never made that many pages before but then again I have never worked with a theme album during the Load Challenge either. It`s like cheating really. Lain Ehmann has given us great prompts every day and I have enjoyed listening and seeing but never taken the challenge. Mostly because it feels like I have done it all before and don`t feel any need to make a page a certain way to follow a prompt:) Still enjoy the inspiration.

So – the last pages in February – Sunday morning January 26 and grandpa is raising the flag before the baptism. Grandma is making sure everything is in place for the party. The kids are all dressed up and ready to party. ( After one long hour in church)…


The guests arriving to church…


…and here comes the baby…


Now I wish the month of February had three more days and I could have put his album up to date:)

At least I finished another Load Challenge. According to my tags here in the blog I have finished 14 of them but it might be one or two more and I might do the next in May?

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