Doing a timeline is a challenge

Jennifer did warn us about staying focused but I don`t have a sharp memory so I had to dig into all my files to fill in the blanks and then moved on to reorganize everything…

Before your story#I enjoyed reading all the letters from this special friend:)

I was up in the early morning hours and instead of spending the Sunday outside in the beautiful spring weather I red through all my old correspondence. I have save most of my mother`s letters to me and she was no great writer:) Still I had to read through every letter to be sure nothing was missed as I let them move on to the trash.

Saved just a few of hers to document that we did write letters in the early eighties. Sometimes I feel a little sad about her doing the same with my letters. Now I wish I had them all. That would make it so much easier to do my timeline:) She organized her stuff just in case she would die and decided that she didn`t want to leave my personal stuff laying around. Good plan but still I wish I could have more letters to use as a reference. She couldn`t know how much trouble I would have remembering.

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