Before your story – week one

Jennifer Wilson showed us her album in her class today and I loved the simplicity and the flow of her album. I have decided to make this album about my family rather than about me. In 2009 I made the album – Me: The Abridged Version…

Me-The Abridget Version

…and I find it hard to believe that I have more to tell 🙂

At the end of week one…


I have set up a temporary place where I can leave stuff in order. I have two more projects to finish so I need to free up space so I can keep working on those.

I have finished the timeline sheets…


I have searched for confirmation for dates and years where I could find them. My father`s notes from the eighties was very helpful.

I found some cute stuff…


Cute stuff can be used to illustrate stories where I have no photos. Lots of those.

I have collected papers, letters, newspaper-clippings and sorted everything by year…


I know I have seen them before but this was forgotten…


My father to left. This is one of five stories I want to include in this album.

There aren`t that many photos from my childhood but thanks to my uncle Egil I have just enough to trigger the memory and some of them are already printed for other projects…


This photo of my father`s parents was new to me…

12951056784_94ab9bf64fFound in a small box …inside a small box marked dad. It need som work but I love that I have this photo of the two of them.

12951090384_800d5ff9b1I am thinking: 1914 – 2014…

So – in before you, the you would be the generation still to be born?

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