Hallo Friday

Just a few hours at work and it`s finally weekend. Looking forward to that since I have been working 6 days a week for four weeks. No big plans but the dust-bunnies better spend day finding a place to hide 🙂

Besides cleaning I will keep working on my “Before Your story” album. I have my grandparents wedding photo printed. Planning to use this for the opening page…


My grandmother had a son going in to the marriage…


Good thing she had because then there were three girls….

12973898185_fef57a5925My mother to the right. Taking family photos must have been a challenge because the two youngest ones looks fed up:)

Maybe there was some crying or fighting because the family photo is one child short – or rather cut out. I bet my mother needed the photo of her self for something else. That would be so typical her. Since this is one of few photos of my grandparents at the time I cut out one more child so I could focus on the parents…

12973897635_f40cb21e57This is the only photos I have before my parents marriage in 1953…

12974040643_3cda890686Maybe that is a good thing? I don`t have to be sad because I don`t know the stories.

Now – off to work a few hours.

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1 Response to Hallo Friday

  1. Michele says:

    What a handsome family. I just love these old photos I’m seeing.

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