Before your story – 1914

My story starts in 1914…

We never had a photo of the old farm-house. My parents moved into a new house in 1961 and the old house was demolished. My aunt Inger Johanne made this drawing for us back in 2005 and until one year ago this was the only image we had…

13065723264_5754a3af6aNow, in 2014, we know that the house looked like this in 1914…


We have always known that the farm was split between two brothers in 1914. My grandfather Anton Torvald and his brother Elias split everything in two – also the care for their parents Aslak and Taletta. I knew the split the house in two but I never realized that the two families shared the house for so long. According the book they lived in opposite ends of the house along with the old ones for 22 years.

My grandfather married in 1927 and had four children. His brother had six children.

My mother always said that Taletta was a mean old woman:) She has all my understanding…

Aslakgarden 1914I am sure she was a nice woman before her twelve births and her 10 grandchildren in the same house:)

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