Before your story – grandparents

My grandmother Elen born in 1896…

ElenMy mother and father had so much respect for my grandmother Elen. In 1913/1914 she went away for School and not many girls did that in those days. She had a son in 1917 but she worked to support her self and the boy until she married my grandfather in 1927…

Torvald and ElenI have wondered how these to met but reading about the family tonight I have realized that back than everyone had close family all over the place. Everyone had an uncle that married an aunt of someone – of course they met:)

Three girls – my mother in the middle born in 1932.

I have printed their wedding picture for a 8,5 x 11 size page and will add those stories on the back. I grew up in the same house so there will be other stories but those will turn up when I start at our story.

Wish I knew more about my grandfather…

Torvald on GripI know he worked on the boats trafficking the fjords at the time – transporting people and goods and I know he was going as a local expert when ships sailed along the harshest coastal strip we have – Hustadvika. According my mother – Elen was the boss at home:)

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