Before your story – my mother

My mother believed in the good, she believed in the man on the moon, she was sure spirits and trolls lived in the wood and she believed her father spoke chinese. She was creative and had a vivid imagination…


Born in 1932 and she was 8 years old when the war started and 13 when the peace came 1945. We knew that if we ever had to face any disaster she would know how to get us trough. She had done it before and remembered how to deal with recession…


One of my favorite memory of my mother is the day she came down from the loft with her grades from school in front of her. As many kids we used to say she was stupid when we disagreed. She must have located the papers and could triumphantly present evidence that she was not stupid.

Three months on extraordinary training in housework. Maid in two homes and a few months of work in a hospital. It was her career before marriage. But before she could get married, she had to attend courses in weaving…


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