Before your story – Inger Johanne

Jennifer Wilson`s class Before Your Story is built on Stacy Julian`s album system Library of Memories – All about us, People we lover, Places we og and Things we do.

I have told the stories of grandparents and parents and I`m ready to move into our lives. But before I do that there is one person I need to introduce belonging to the People we love section, my aunt Inger Johanne – my mother`s youngest sister…

Inger JohanneI used to think of her as the one who got away:) The lucky one who got an education. Her parents must have been so proud of her. Maybe they didn`t count on her meeting a handsome engineering student and move to the other side of the country. She would forever be their baby girl and I had to live with my grandfather calling me Inger. Even my mother called me Inger when she was stressed.

So many of my childhood memories are connected to Inger Johanne and her family and thanks to her husband`s love to his camera we have a few photos from our childhood.

They were so important in our lives and we are so grateful that they still are…

Inger Johanne_2I never understood why my mother loved to have her sister visiting with her many grandchildren. Not before I had the pleasure of being an aunt to a second generation.

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1 Response to Before your story – Inger Johanne

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am loving all that I read about your family, Elin, therefore part of mine. I just received a beautiful photo from Inger Johanne of she, a granddaughter (Susanne), and daughter(Beabe) all in their bunads. She writes me at least once a year. I treasure my trip with her to your Mother’s when I visited Norge. Lovely

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