Before your story – building a new home

After nine months in school learning the craft as a carpenter my father saw himself as an expert. With his father in law as handyman he built a new house on the farm. It took seven years and the goal was to reduce the cost…

Aslakgarden 1958I guess there wasn`t much free time to play the accordion:) Although, with no Television, who knows?

My brother was their only child for seven years and through out the building of the house I guess he was tailing my grandfather when my father was working at sea. It’s not easy to look after a little boy while working, and one day the boy falls down three floors through the open stairwell. My brother wakes up in the hospital and is quite sure that he has arrived in heaven because there are angels at his bedside…

Tormod_3Nothing wrong with our mother`s parenting but she may have painted the stories a tiny bit too much at bedtime maybe? Because I also remember a grandchild seeing angels in the sky during a flight with his grandma:)

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