Before your story – 1961

April 18 1961 a princess is born…

elinjanne 1961My parents had almost given up on having another child when I came along – seven years after my brother. New house and short on money – good timing. My father was busy fishing that spring and there was no time for visiting the hospital. In exchange my mother got a new stroller for her baby princess.

A princess who cried every night until she was four. Whooping cough and ear infections. My mother said my father did his part before going out with the boat at dawn every morning.

I don`t have a photo of my father`s boat but I am pretty sure the boat he made for his son was a copy of one of his boats:)

I was born in April and my brother started school in August…

1961…and growing up these boys became a part of my life.

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1 Response to Before your story – 1961

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a coincidence that my brother, Timothy, and I are also seven years apart with me being the oldest!! He was born in 1956. Happy Spring!

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