Before your story – Life in the sixties

Houserules.In my grandparents`s home dinner was served 12am and than it was time for a nap. Downstairs we could hear my grandmother reading from the paper to my grandfather. She stopped reading when she thought he was sleeping. Shortly after she stopped reading we could hear my grandfather mumble: “Keep reading Elen.” I had to be quiet while I waited for them to wake up. When I heard my grandmother tap water in the coffee pot I could run upstairs and jump into my grandfather`s bed. He always had a good story to share with a little girl…

13310582954_30ff74f317My grandfather sat on one side of the table keeping watch down the road and telling my grandmother everything he saw or thought he saw. My grandmother sat on the other side and pretending to keep watch up the road while she did some kind of crafting.

In 1966 my father did correspondence courses…

13324782615_fcd6ff333d…and we had a lot of fun with the “old folks” doing the English course – Walter and Connie.

I never thought of asking why this photo was taken but it can be my father celebrating 40 since he is in the photo in his “Sunday sweater”:)

In 1967 my father changed his employment. Moving on from the free life of a fisherman…

13327451695_2da5e83766…for long hours at the shipyard. I remember stories about heated discussions during breaks and the pranks  they did to each other. And there were parties:)

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