Before your story – thank you Facebook

I started school in August 1968 and I remember two things from that first day…

First day at school 1968I was okay about school at bedtime the day before but in the morning I refused to go. I bet my mother had a hard time changing my mind:) Mary, my teacher, was an empowering women. We had all the respect in the world for her, but she was also my next-door neighbor so I knew her better than most. She had lost her son Kristian that summer and she told us about it so we would know why she felt sad sometimes. Kristian was my mother`s friend so I knew all about being sad and told her that it was all okay because my mother cried too.

Every other week, Mary had an afterschool activity where we got to see the slides from the mission field in Madagascar. We played games and had a raffle to raise money for mission der.Vi got chocolate rice balls that Mary had made ​​and I refused to go home unless I got one I could take home to my brother. I always got an extra.

Eight girls and eight boys and we spent nine years togheter…and school was okay:) And thanks to Facebook I have a photo of that first day in school.

In 1969 my brother confirmed him christening. That was a big thing for my mother…

Tormod konfirmasjon 1969Here comes the gratitude to Facebook. The only photos we had from this day was the official photos taken of the family and I love that I could steal the scans my cousin Per posted on Facebook. What I remember is my father had to make the long tables himself, the jealousy I felt over all the attention my brother got and a lot of kids making a lot of noise.

He must have felt like a rich man the day after because he invested most of the money in a little row-boat…

Tormod konfirmasjon

Uncle Herlof thought the shaver was a better investment and he might be right because I am pretty sure I used that boat more than my brother ever did:)

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