The new fence

I wasn`t that impressed with the new fence when I came home from work today…


Budget is budget but it must be hard to get less for your money than this. I don`t plan to become so drunk that I will have trouble staying inside the fence but a child could be curious enough to take a peek over the edge…

13629919324_be67112877Besides – was it necessary to make the backyard so visible?

I have to admit that now I am a little worried about how my storage room will be.

And while I am complaining – he could have tided up a bit before he left…

13629580655_73890f62cfSince it is the weekend and all…

13629575535_3a4eb50aa6Maybe he thought his mess matched well with my mess

13629572815_c7d2e9c048Actually – I think he forgot that it was his job to remove the ladder:)

My job was to remove the remains of the seagul`s nest from last year. Maybe she will forget where it was when she comes back?

13629567995_612d3cf5e6Tomorrow I promise to be grateful for having a fence!

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1 Response to The new fence

  1. Michele says:

    Your fence looks very sturdy, Elin! Isn’t home ownership super fun?!! We’ve been doing projects since returning to Rapid City a couple of weeks ago…..well, not us really doing projects……hiring work done because we are not too competent!

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