Before your story – No respect for authority

In 1971 I started fourth grade. Our teacher and Headmaster Ole had a strong voice and loved to sing with us. At 10 we sang whether we had a nice singing voice or not

No respect for authority 2

He had health problems at the end of his teaching career and he became forgetful. We could talk him into singing any time and we loved spending time outside. Even homework could be forgotten with a song.

This day he had promised us to take a hike but the weather wasn`t the best and in the last-minute he canceled. Sometimes you make bad choices so 10 of us run away. It was cold and wet – and I remember we lit a bonfire. When we came back to school he had locked us out and at the end of the day we had to stay behind and wait for him to write a letter for us to take home. That was no fun at all 🙂

No respect for authority1My mother was angry as a …..and I had to walk over and apologize, I will always be thankful for him napping at the time so I could walk away without seeing him.

I am not sure why but my father refused to let go of this letter. We were supposed to bring it back to school signed by our parents. My mother started to sign but my father decided to write a note that said he had received the letter.

So – No respect for authority. I guess this one stuck with me – for the better and for the worse. Most of the time it was a no good attitude.

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