Before your story – our story and a trumpet

There is one thing we have in common – the trumpet…

13722843804_47ba14581eMy brother joined when the school started a band in 1967. Parents were encouraged to buy their own instruments because there was little money to purchase instruments. My father was not difficult to ask and a new trumpet came in to our life. There were a lot of house guests who had to suffer through trumpet concerts in our home:)

I was too young and flunked my test when I tried out for the band but I could join anyway because I had my own trumpet. I never liked to practice so I was never good at it but I had a lot of fun…

13722484143_ac739ebeafNext generation had a rather short career but he get points for trying:) Sometimes talent skips a generation. When the third generation was born grandpa retrieved the old trumpet from the attic and baby Elin loved to make noise.

We thought it would be a good idea to buy a new one…

13722841614_506a2c745dOnly – the one we bought was expensive and difficult to use so the kids couldn`t use it:) That was back in 2008 and the trumpet live in the attic. This fact annoyed grandpa so this spring he bought a second instrument. It`s cheaper and easier to play. Even I can make it work:) Now we have to inspire the little ones.

Although – this one is still more interested in today`s choice of porridge




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